Zpen Deal @ The Source Canada ($60)

Zpen Deal @ The Source Canada ($60)

At The Source Canada, there is a special deal on the "Zpen" from Dane-elec. If you haven't heard of one of these, it's a little digital pen with flash memory that lets you take notes anywhere, then they can be uploaded electronically to your PC at a later stage.

The normal price is $149.99, but it's only $59.99 right now.

There is a video demonstration here if you want to see it. I had a quick google search for a Zpen review and couldn't find very much in the way of true customer comments. Do you have one of these devices? What's it like?

While I am a true gadget hoarder, I can't see a way that this would be a good idea for me just now, as I work from home and wouldn't really have a need for it. But I always WANT new gadgets!

But I can see that it could be handy if you work out and about in an office, or if you are taking many notes as a student.

(Ends 27th March 2010)


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