50% off Zoomer Hungry Bunnies @ Toys R Us Canada

50% off Zoomer Hungry Bunnies @ Toys R Us Canada

I know we're a couple months early, but the perfect Easter gift is already on sale at Toys R Us. Zoomer Hungry Bunnies are half-price!

If you've never seen these little critters before, they're interactive rabbits who love to eat. When you adopt a bunny and start feeding them, they'll gobble up all their treats!

This set comes with more than 80 paper snacks, including carrots, ice cream and popsicles you can store in a cute snack basket.

And if your bunny is still hungry after all that, you can create your own treats from ordinary paper by using the treat tracer (included). But watch out: when your bunny is all done eating, they'll poop out a confetti surprise!

These Hungry Bunnies also love to sing, eat and laugh – especially when they get tickled. They're on sale for $19.98 at Toys R Us Canada (from $39.99) and ship free on orders over $49.


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