Zoomer Hedgiez on Sale for $29.50 @ Chapters

Zoomer Hedgiez on Sale for $29.50 @ Chapters

Okay, how cute are these?! If the kids have been asking for one of these Zoomer Hedgiez, now's your chance, because Chapters has them on sale for $29.50!

Hedgiez usually sell for $54.95, so you won't want to miss this deal!

These cute and cuddly pets will roll their way into your heart! Just pet your Hedgiez's head and they'll roll - or even do a handstand! Press their nose, and they'll wiggle, whistle, blow a kiss and more! Plus, they'll curl up and giggle when you rub their tummy!

Choose from these cute critters:

Each Hedgiez pet comes with their own comb for brushing that super-soft fur.

You'll receive FREE shipping from Chapters, since your order is over $25.

You can also find these little guys on sale at Amazon.ca, but you won't receive free shipping unless your order totals $35 or more.


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