Zoomer Dino Jester $56.22 Shipped @ Chapters Indigo

Zoomer Dino Jester $56.22 Shipped @ Chapters Indigo

The kids all want something Zoomer related under the tree this year - and thanks to this Chapters Indigo sale, you can do just that for just a fraction of the cost. Get your hands on this Zoomer Dino - Jester by Spin Master for $56.22 with the code INDIGOKIDS (25% off $50+) down from $99.95.

Tame him if you dare! Zoomer Dino is about to rule your kid's. He is a small dino with a large dino attitude, and don't dare pull his tail to make him angry. Jester's eyes will turn red, he will spin around and even roar (or maybe burp and fart).

There is even an included controller pod so you can train him to do all sorts of fun things. Teach him to dance, chase, chomp, roar or attack while building a friendship. Count me in, I might end up playing with this one more than the kids do.

Chapters.Indigo.ca throws in free shipping on orders over $25.


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