Zinio Magazines: $10 Subscriptions

Zinio Magazines: $10 Subscriptions

Over at Zinio.com, they've got a range of offers of magazine subscriptions which you can take for around $10.  There are a couple of pages of magazines to choose from.

Zinio is a digital magazine subscription service, and you can read the magazines on various devices, from your PC to a tablet.

Some examples of magazines on offer:

I don't know if you have heard of Zinio before, but we've mentioned it here on Bargainmoose a few times. It's a very popular service, and you can get some great deals from it. I find the iPad app is very good for flicking through magazines.

Here's an idea - if you're a commuter and you use your smartphone for self-entertainment when you are travelling, grab a Zinio subscription to one of the magazines that interests you and you can read it on the go.

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