50% Discount Monday Only! 50% Discount Monday Only!, the US based company which sells the famous "invisible shield" is having a sale this Monday! Everything on their site will be discounted by an extra 50% off the marked prices.

As far as I know, you don't need a coupon code or anything, the discount should be automatic at the checkout.

If you don't know what they do - invisible shields are handy protective shields for your electronic devices, such as your ipods or your PSPs. It's basically a tough sticky plastic, shaped to fit your device exactly. My OH uses them on his HTC touch cellphone and his Creative Zen mp3 player.

I rarely post about non-Canadian companies, but Zagg is one US company which I don't mind posting about. They have an excellent product, excellent service, and ship worldwide at very reasonable rates (I did a test order and the shipping was only a few bucks).

Zagg are really excellent though, we've used them a few times in my house. There's one drawback though:

The touchscreen is no less responsive, but you do get a slight, (and I mean slight), rubbery feel to the touchscreen due to the material used in the Zagg-shield [Mobot].


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  • Jackie
    Awesome site. I just placed an order and the discount was given at checkout. They have excellent products and quite legit. The is a cover for everything including the GPS. I went there to the site to get an invisible shield to with a gift I am giving someone but while there I saw an awesome clear skin for my new laptop. At 50% off I added that to my cart.
    • Tammy
      Great site! Just caught it on the news!
      • Po
        I have it on the HTC touch too, they are good