Young Canadians Get $150 Make A Difference @ RBC

Young Canadians Get $150 Make A Difference @ RBC

There can be no better way to start off 2017 than with the warm fuzzies you get by helping someone else. Do you know someone ages 16-25 who could use some free money to make a difference in their community? If so, check out #Make150Count at RBC.

In celebration of Canada 150, RBC is giving $150 to thousands of young Canadians and challenging them to use it to make a positive impact in their communities. There are no strings attached. How the recipients use the money is up to them. All RBC asks is that participants submit videos and photos of what they have done.

What would you do with $150? I would buy some diapers for our local program for young mothers as I hear they are in short supply.


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  • sue1907

    Note that the application form says for young people aged 16-25

    • Eryn

      Thank you, sue1907, you are correct and we have edited the post to reflect that. :) We appreciate your comments and keen eyes! 

    • DavidCoke2001

      I turn 16 in 20 days... can I submit my application now, or do I have to wait 20 days to do it?