You Pillows Designs Coupon Code: Save 50%

You Pillows Designs Coupon Code: Save 50%


Canadian-based company, You Pillows Designs has a hot sale! Get 50% off everything until 12 March 2011. All of their pillows are made in BC with Canadian materials.

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    • Discount: 50% off
    • Coupon Code: YP50
    • Expires: 12 March 2011

    There are a few choices of nursing pillows like the Eco-You Nursing Pillow for $69.98 (reg. $139.95) or the You Pillow- Micro-polystyrene Beadsfor $49.98 (reg. $99.95)  or the You Pillow - Polyester Fibers for $49.98(reg $99.95.)

    Here's a great Kid's Travel Pillow for $5.98 (reg. $11.95) or an Adult Travel Pillow for $7.48 (reg. $14.95).

    They also carry my favourite, the body pillow! Available in 3 choices - Eco-You Body Pillowfor $79.98 (reg.$159.95), You Body Pillow- Micro-polystyrene beads for $57.48 (reg. $114.95) or You Body Pillow - Polyester Fibers for $57.48 (reg $114.95)

    Free shipping for Canadian orders (excluding Nunavut, Yukon and Northwest Territories).


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