Xbox 360 Deal @ For $130

Xbox 360 Deal @ For $130 has an amazing deal for all the gamers out there - a 4GB Xbox 360 for only $129.97 with free shipping. Regular price is $199.99. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not a fan of the Xbox 360 (just because I'm a Playstation fanboy, not because the xBox 360 is bad) but at this price, even I'd buy one.

To price compare, this same model is $199 at The Source, Sears, Best Buy, Future Shop, and Toys R Us. Great price from Amazon!

If you aren't down with video game systems here are some quick points of interest:

  • 4GB of storage
  • Plays DVDs and lets you access xBox Live and other services such as Netflix (Fees may apply for services)
  • Microsoft Kinect available

Graduation time is right around the corner and this would be a great gift for graduating or as an addition to a dorm room.


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