Wrap Up That Gift In A Prank Box

Sit back and watch them scratch their head...
Wrap Up That Gift In A Prank Box

It's always nice to watch people open presents from you, but you can make it so much more entertaining with prank boxes. Amazon Canada sell them, and they are hilarious. If you like a practical joke and would like to play one on your friend or other half, then you gotta get one of these...

What is a Prank Box?

A prank box is basically a gift box, that looks like the outer packaging of something random. Generally, they are made to look like they contain the most ridiculous product, like a Pet Butler or something equally as silly.

The point of them is to trick the present recipient into thinking that you've bought them something completely bonkers, and their reaction is priceless. Watch or film them as they stare at their gift with utter bewilderment.

There are so many different ones to choose from on Amazon Canada, but our favourites include Trumped Up Construction: Build Your Own Wall Kit* $15.42, Prank Pack Nap Sack* $30.02 delivered andPrank Pack Pet Butler* $35.05 delivered.

I cannot wait to see my friend's face when her daughter opens her birthday present from me to reveal thisPrank Pack My First Fire*, $28.85 delivered.

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  • Valerie H.

    , for Oliver....haha

    • Nicole G.

      You need that NapSack though:laughing::joy:

      • Tawny U.

        let's put Monty to work

        • Shelley L.

          yes!!! El Chapo wouldn’t do well with this!!

          • Sarah A.


            • Sam P.

              Look Buddy, a squirrel!!!