Women's Tearaway Pants Were $118 | Now $49 + Free Shipping @ Lululemon.com

Women's Tearaway Pants Were $118 | Now $49 + Free Shipping @ Lululemon.com


Ah, you gotta love Lululemon's We've Made Too Much items. I know I do. Right now Lululemon.com has their Tearaway Pant on final sale for just $49 down from $118. Lululemon Canada also includes shipping with no minimum purchase.

These Tearaway Pants look comfortable and perfect for  your normal exercise routine. They won't hurt your wallet either! While these pants were regularly $118, now you will pay just $49 while quantities last. The Lululemon Final Sale items never last long, so don't wait around to snag this deal.

The Lululemon Canada Tearaway pants come in two different colours: white and dottie dash white & black. Personally I prefer the patterned option over the completely white option. That may be because I have a kid and pets, so if I do happen to get anything on my pants it would be a lot harder to notice with the patterned option. Out of 8 reviews this product still holds a 3.5 star rating. There is always going to be good and bad opinions about products but from what I read in the reviews, you may want to be aware that the material is a little delicate and may pick if you encounter sharp items or edges.

I am not entirely sure what the purpose of the tearaway feature is, but it sounds cool. These pants even have two fairly sized pockets, although I find jogging with anything in my pockets is rather annoying. The Tearaway Pants are more of a capri of flood style I would say, considering they only come down about 7/8th of the regular length. They are made of an awesome lightweight fabric with four-way stretch for the most comfort possible. The waistband is a flat style too, so the waist won't cut into you even if you have "love handles" so to speak.

Not only am I in love with the We've Made Too Much section on Lululemon.com, but I am also in love with their shipping policy. When you shop at Lululemon Canada, you will get totally free shipping with no minimum purchase. How cool is that?!

Moosers, would you wear these Tearaway Pants?

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