Wineopoly Board Game $28.16 @

Wineopoly Board Game $28.16 @

Okay, hands up if you'd love to see this under the tree this year! Wineopoly is back on sale at, and it's at the lowest price we've seen! Instead of the usual $39, you can get it for $28.16!

This is just like the classic Monopoly game – but with a wine twist. Instead of bidding on traditional properties, you buy your favourite wines, collect bunches of grapes and more!

It's not Amazon Prime eligible, but if you order soon, you can still get it in time for Christmas! I;d definitely want to have this on hand for New Year's Eve, too!

You can choose between traditional play, or the one hour timed version (which may be the safer bet if you're drinking wine while playing).

Orders over $35 ship free.


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  • Ingrid G.

    Great gift for anyone turning 50 on 29 May I would say lol

    • Julie L.

      Wait...I have a surprise!!

      • Joe S.

        Don't you mean whineopoly:sunglasses:

      • Kathleen C.

        though I'm thinking it doesn't actually come with wine (sorry)

        • Kristina M.

          I can fix that!

          • Kristina M.

            ...I feel a games night coming...

            • Janet N.

              Yessss....perfect idea. Fancy antipasto platters we've been seeing on uncorked BC....few bottles of wine...perfect night! Let's do it!

              • Kristina M.


              • Jennifer K.

                I have a feeling you need this game! Lol

                • Carolyn R.

                  Lol. Looks like fun.

                  • Kelly L.

                    Lol I think I'll have to go find one

                  • Colleen K.

                    Now that could be fun!!!:wine_glass::wine_glass:

                    • Kylie L.

                      ... should we start having game nights?

                      • Brett H.

                        think the boys will get mad when they lose at this too?!:joy:

                        • Ashley B.

                          is there still time to get this before this weekend? I feel like we need this in our lives hah

                          • Crystal E.

                            how competitive would this get?

                            • Nicole D.

                              I think mini wine bottles would be thrown :joy:

                            • Monique B.


                              • Nicole T.

                                bet I'd win this game lol

                                • Ani T.

                                  Love it!

                                  • Sandra A.

                                    , , , , , & we need this game for games night.

                                    • Carrie E.


                                      • Brandy V.

                                        Hahaha. Awesome!

                                      • Heather G.

                                        hahahahah.... I just can’t even.

                                        • Melly B.

                                          Oh but you can.

                                        • Sonia L.

                                          we should play this one next time :joy:

                                        • Lola H.


                                          • Ilene D.

                                            Hahaha ! I’m sure it would be a hoot!