Wine Dispensing Purse For $54 @ Amazon

Wine Dispensing Purse For $54 @ Amazon

If you know my mom then you know that wine and handbags are her two favorite things. I have finally found a Mother's Day gift that combines both of her loves (in addition to me and my brother of course).

This MENU Baggy Winecoat is designed to fit a bag of wine from a 3L box. Just enough for me! The opening fits all standard taps. Plus the rubber bottom means the wine bag won't tip over whether you are serving drinks on the dinner table or on a picnic blanket. There is also room for a cold pack if you are drinking white.

If wine isn't your beverage of choice (we can't be friends btw), you can purchase a separate disposable beverage bag here. The MENU Baggy Winecoat is available for $54 only in black, but you can pick it up in white or red if you want to pay more. And yay! This wine purse ships for free.

My wine bag will be handy for surviving all those kids' soccer games this summer. I will be the most popular mom on the field.


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  • Nancy S.

    Might be handy for CBMF.

  • Roxy P.

    This is only for you my sister in law Ilda love you lots.