Wine Bottle Umbrellas from only ~$14 @!

Wine Bottle Umbrellas from only ~$14 @!


One of these popped up in one of my social media feeds last week, and I was a little confused as to what it actually was – it’s a wine bottle umbrella! Now, there’s no actual wine involved – the holder of the umbrella is just in the shape of a pretty wine bottle, which you can store in your purse in this fashion. There’s been a bit of a price drop on Amazon too – you can grab these dainty little items from only $14.86 just now!

There are a few colour choices, each differing in price. Here’s what you can choose from:

  • Pink was $44.79 now $17.23 (62% off)
  • Black was $22.39 now $14.86 (34% off)

Obviously the black wine bottle umbrella is the lowest price and the best deal of the bunch.  However, if you really prefer the pink one, the pink is the highest discount percentage – and you’re only paying a few extra dollars for that colour scheme. However, I am not a very pink girl so I personally would opt for the black one. It’s still quite pretty too.

The pink and black wine bottle umbrellas are in stock and sold by Amazon themselves – therefore if you have Amazon Prime, you get free shipping on any order. For anyone else, spend $25 or more for free shipping on For the black and red one – it’s a third party marketplace seller and shipping is high – so you probably want to avoid that one.

Wouldn't this make a neat Christmas gift?

(Expires: unknown – though stock is low, but Amazon say there are more on the way so you should be able to order anyway)


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  • Mike
    Unfortunately it says the estimated delivery date is early to mid January so not in time for Christmas :(
    • Anna W.
      Hi Mike! Oh no... it DEFINITELY didn't say that this morning, at the time of writing this post. :( Sorry!!