Windmobile: Basic Huawei Touchscreen Phone For $35!

Windmobile: Basic Huawei Touchscreen Phone For $35!


The Huawei U7519 is half price at!! It was $70 and has been reduced to $35, with free shipping too.

The phone has no contract, you won't be tied into anything. $35 for a no-contract touchscreen phone is sweet!

I will say that you're paying for what you get though, I googled and found quite a few negative points about the phone, such as unresponsive screen, and more. Have a google yourself if you want a bit more info. For example, this review from PP on comparecellular:

Physically the phone is nice and the screen is big - you can customized the ringtones through the external memory music files. At times, the touch function is unresponsive. The volume is too quiet.

But if you're just looking for a cheap backup handset, then this might be ideal. The phone isn't unlocked though, but you can wait 3 months and get an unlock code from Wind, if necessary. Or if you want, you can pay for an unlock code, from the likes of mobileincanada.

I'm now a phone snob... sitting here with my iPhone 4, so I probably can never really go back to a basic model such as this one.

UPDATE: Bargainmooser Saima has purchased this phone and this is what they say:

I bought the mobile from wind before you posted it. I wanted to inform you one more thing about it - it costs you $15 if you take a new connection but the sim costs $20 and it is included with mobile. So $35-$20= $15, good deal!

(Ends 30th October 2010)


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