Wind Mobile: $39 US/Canada Unlimited Plan

Wind Mobile: $39 US/Canada Unlimited Plan


Wind Mobile has come out with a plan that has me wanting to murder them for not being on Vancouver Island. They are now offering the sweetest ever unlimited Canada and US cell phone talk, text, and data plan for only $39 a month.

This plan includes a plethora of goodies for anyone who frequently border hops, or goes down to conferences, or visit relatives. You get:

  • Unlimited Canada-wide text
  • Unlimited Canada-wide talk
  • Unlimited data in Canada
  • Unlimited US Roaming including talk, text, and data

To clarify: when you are in Canada, you have pretty much an unlimited Canadian plan. If you want to call the USA, from Canada, you will be charged 20 cents per minute or you can add on a $10 unlimited US long distance/ text package.

When you are in the USA, you essentially have a USA unlimited plan. You can make free long distance and local calls, text, and use data to your heart's content. You can also still call back up to Canada without any problems.

Now, this entire plan is super awesome because paying for roaming packages sucks. I traveled to Seattle in March and getting my Fido US roaming package applied was insane. It was not applied the first time. Then it was applied twice (one was wrong) and then the third one was finally applied days after I was in the USA so once I finally got my bill I had three roaming packages for a total of $120 extra on my account. The original roaming package was supposed to be paid for with Fido dollars, so it was a huge mess to sort out. I also got an extra charge of $7.50 for roaming without the package because of the screw up of not having the package applied before I left. After fighting to get $120 back, I was too tired to fight for the last $7.50.

It was also super expensive to buy roaming packages. I used Fido dollars, which I earned through having two cell phone packages with Fido, but it was a massive waste of money. That is why I want to murder Wind for not being on Vancouver Island so I could switch over to this package. My phone is unlocked and I am on a month-to-month plan, so I can switch whenever I want. I would do so in a heartbeat.

Note: Voice mail is not included in the cost.

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