Wii Sports Resort & 2x Motion Plus $59.99 @ Amazon!

Wii Sports Resort & 2x Motion Plus $59.99 @ Amazon!


This is a combo promo currently available from Amazon Canada. If you buy the Wii Sports Resort Game (which comes with 1 motionplus controller), and an extra motionplus controller, you get $15 discount on your order!

Add the game and the extra controller to your cart, and you will see the discount at checkout. Now, as the game is only $55 and the extra controller is $20, this means you end up paying $60 after the $15 discount has been applied.

If you were considering buying Wii Sports Resort for Christmas, I would highly recommend going for this package deal with the extra controller. I purchase the game a while back, but I only have the 1 motionplus controller. This means we cannot play the 2 player fun games, like light-sabre duels! I really must buy a 2nd motionplus controller some time soon.

As for the game itself, all the mini games are pretty good fun. The archery in particular is one of my favourites. This is a great party game, and would be a good Christmas present.

Oh, and free shipping is standard!


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  • jenny
    i purchased this the day you posted the deal.... and it came 2 days later.... very quick to process and the promo added it's self as you mention.... very happy with this.... now both my husband and I will be able to play this after christmas (gift you know)