Wi-Fi Roomba Vacuum $249.99 @ Canadian Tire

Let the robot do the work!
Wi-Fi Roomba Vacuum $249.99 @ Canadian Tire

Aren't we already busy enough without needing to clean the floors daily? A Roomba takes one annoying task off your list, and this deal for half off of a wi-fi connected Roomba 691 at Canadian Tire drops the price to an incredible $249.99.

Wi-Fi Roomba Vacuum

If you don't already have a Roomba, what are you waiting for? There aren't any robots that will clean your windows for you, but you can have floors swept daily without needing to do anything more than empty the bin.

Bonus: You can give it a fun name. My Roomba is the Dread Pirate Roberts. He never leaves rubbish alive.

This is a Black Friday deal, so it won't last long, buy it online and pick it up at your local Canadian Tire for free.


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