Why You Need This! Hoo Too Trip Mate Travel Router, $24 @ Amazon.ca

Why You Need This! Hoo Too Trip Mate Travel Router, $24 @ Amazon.ca

Years ago when we would go on summer holidays to visit family, some of our family didn't even have wifi. Most hotels along the way only offered wired internet, and some still do to this day. (Or, they sneakily make you pay for wireless internet but provide wired net for free.)

With this Hoo Too Travel Router you can easily create a wifi network just like you have at home, for all of your portable devices. No more asking family that you are visiting for router passwords, and having them basically tell you they forgot their passwords. (You would just hook this up directly to an ethernet line from their router.) Or worse yet, finding out they kept the default password on, which happened to be their home phone number. Oy. This Hoo Too Travel Router is selling for only $24, (which is a great price on a multi-purpose gadget like this!) The Amazon.ca Marketplace Seller is Sunvalleytek Canada, and the order is fulfilled by Amazon.ca, so it will ship right from Amazon's warehouse.

Besides the above use of this Hoo Too Portable Router, you can use it for travelling in the car for streaming media from a thumbdrive or hard drive connected to the router, to the tablets and phones! (No more loading up each tablet or phone with individual movies for each kid.) Surprise the kids by putting some old home movies on the flash drive hooked to this Hoo Too and I guarantee they will not be asking 'Are we there yet' as often as usual.

You can even free up space on your phones and tablets, by backing up data over to the attached USB flash drive or hard disk!

This is such a small and portable device. If you typically shy away from setting up devices like this, give this one a try - there is a wizard that quickly takes you through all of the steps to set you up. The reviews, comments, and questions are also very helpful on the Amazon.ca website. This Hoo Too Travel Router has rave reviews from the purchasers!

Make sure you use a strong password for your router when you set it up. Sophos Naked Security has posted an excellent video, "How To Pick A Proper Password", (and you can use this helpful info. for all passwords for all online accounts that you have, as well!)

Shipping is free on orders over $25, otherwise, shipping starts at around $4. It would be worth it to add something on like this Robert Munsch Book, Love You Forever, for only $3.99. At least you would get a book out of the deal!


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  • Laura D.

    What on earth did parents do before internet.

    • Eryn

      Indeed! :)