Why You Need Magformers This Holiday Season

Why You Need Magformers This Holiday Season

Every once in awhile a toy comes along and I think "Why didn't they have that when I was a kid?" Enter Magformers.

Imagine it! Blocks that stick together through the use of magnets. Your children can build 3D towers, animals, vehicles and even birthday cakes for dinosaurs (don't ask). You name it. They will build it.

Amazon.ca currently has quite a few Magformers sets on markdown. Here are a few:

Close your eyes and listen to the silence in your living room. Because that is what happens each time I bring out the Magformers. My children turn into those children you see in toy commercials. Building. Playing. Smiling. Coexisting without throttling one another.

I can even drink my tea ... while it is hot!


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