Why Pay Full Price for Food & Entertainment?

So this is just one of my rants: after taking a trip to WEM (West Edmonton Mall) and watching people pay full price for clothing, entertainment and food. Really: it boggles the brain. Why waste your money and pay full price when you can get the same thing for less? This issue will address how to stop paying full price for food and entertainment.

  • Movie Theatre: Don't pay full price for the movie theatre, ever. Every year CAA offers ticket packs for several dollars off the going movie price. If you miss that, visit Cardswap.ca for Cineplex cards. I just bought $100 worth of passes for $70. If all else fails, many theatres have a 'cheap' day: around here it is cheap Tuesday. There is no reason to EVER pay full price for a movie.
  • Local Theatre, Opera & Ballet: The Entertainment Book is a source of BOGO free tickets and BOGO 1/2 off tickets for your local theatres, Opera and ballet. Usually you have to buy tickets at the box office, so you don't have the convenience of online: but you are getting a major discount. Again, no reason to pay full price. Also: try following your local theatre company on twitter or facebook.
  • Food: One of the greatest suppliers of discounted local foods are group buy websites. I would venture that a good 1/3 of 'groupons' on a daily basis are related to food so that when you go out to dine you don't have to pay full price. Here at the Bargainmoose we have a Daily Deal Aggregator to round up those deals for you. Also: the Entertainment Book is about 1/2 food deals. You can also check out your local resteraunt's webpage to see if they currently have a coupon going. The last 2 times we went to Sorrentinos we got $20 off our meal (each time) and the last time I went to East Side Marios we got $10 off our meal. Both coupons from their websites. NEVER PAY FULL PRICE.
  • Concerts: Get in good with a local radio station that shares your musical tastes. I am a member of K-97, a classic rock station. For their members they usually offer discount coupon codes and pre-sale tickets to various concerts. These can be harder to get discounts on, but usually a radio station is your best bet.
  • Local attractions: Look up your local attractions. I just found out that my local Muttart Conservatory has 1 free day a year - bingo! Also, my city has a city attractions pass that can save you a bunch if you plan on visiting often. For our museums which are not free: it is free to visit within the last 1/2 hour before closing. A lot of places are also free on Canada Day.¬†Check out all the little nuances of your community and find out how you can get so much more for so much less.


  • SA
    I went to WEM last year and was totally underwhemled. Aside from the non-mall attractions, I don't get what all the fuss is about. Has that CAA movie thing happened for this year already? I've never heard of that...
  • jet
    We are bringing our overseas guest to WEM this weekend. Discount coupons for attractions are available through military base on north tip of Edmonton (Edmonton Garrison Military Fitness Centre in Lancaster) if you have time/ energy to take that trip. Contact info is 780-973-4011 ex 4383. If anyone has a lead, we would LOVE printable coupons for any food vendor at WEM.
  • Alicia
    This is why I love this blog so much. People call me cheap, but there is nothing wrong with being frugal. Heck, it's essential these days. Who says "No thanks, I'd rather pay full price"? Keep up the good work ladies!
  • Candace
    Great tips!! We buy movie vouchers from Costco, kids movie pass with kids pack (popcorn, candy and drink) is about 10.00 each, the adult deal is I think 25.00 which includes admission for two, one popcorn and two drinks. Should save you about 40.00 for a family of four to go to the movies.

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