White Goose Down Duvet From $170 Shipped @ Costco Canada

White Goose Down Duvet From $170 Shipped @ Costco Canada

It may not be the season for a new Duvet, but why not be an early bird for a down filled duvet? Costco.ca has a queen and king sized Kirkland Signature White Goose Down Duvet starting at $170 shipped and it is not often you find these sizes for a price like this.

I do believe I saw this same duvet at my local Costco for $10 less, but the price may vary from location to location and this one at Costco.ca includes delivery. The queen size is $169.99 and the king size is $224.99. The estimated delivery time will be 3-7 business days.

Some people do use their duvet all year round, but during the summer months I am more of a light-sheet type person. This particular duvet has the baffle box design so there will be minimum down fill shift. That was the annoying thing with my duvet. All the feathers would shift into a corner and I got tired of fixing that and stopped using it. There is a one year warranty on this duvet as well, so if it starts to look like a few birds were roaming through your house, you can get that taken care of.

One thing I enjoy about shopping at Costco.ca is that their items include shipping and handling. So while you may be able to find this for a few dollars less at your local store, this one will be delivered right to your door.

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