Which Hall Bench Would You Pick? $199.99 Costco Hot Buy

Which Hall Bench Would You Pick? $199.99 Costco Hot Buy

Everyone dreams of organization within the home and if it's not that, then they're dreaming of Disneyland or other such stuff. We have one spot in the house where everyone dances around trying to get shoes on. It's actually quite annoying bumping into everyone and would even be comical if weren't so annoying.

I want a hall bench! Turns out, you can pick from 3 different ones for $199.99 each, shipped. There's a style to suit every taste and they're a great price since they're touted as a 'Costco Hot Buy.' Kids will actually sit on this to put shoes on, giving you your coveted space back, to hop around while putting on your shoes and tieing your shoelaces.

Which one is your top pick? The Hollister (that's mine!), the Brooklyn, or the Wharton?

Shipping is free.


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  • SusanYYC

    What about those 3 magic words:  "No Assembly Required" ?

    • Eryn

      If only! :) Thanks for making us chuckle.

    • Cheryl D.

      Do u have a link to the one with baskets? I can find it on the Costco link.

      • Eryn

        Hi Cheryl D., I"m not sure which one you're referring to. (?) When I click on the link we provided, I see those 3 benches as well as a couple of other items. Are you not seeing the 3 different benches that are selling for just under $200 when you click on that link? Thanks!