Where to Buy the Nerf Battle Racer in Canada

Where to Buy the Nerf Battle Racer in Canada

It's been called the "ultimate go-kart" and in all honesty, I'm caught between wishing this had been available when I was a kid and wondering if I could squeeze into one now.

It's a big ticket item, but one that kids are pretty pumped about.

Click here to buy for $399.99 at Toys R Us Canada.

Whether you're into this item probably depends on your position on Nerf, "play fighting" in general, and having your kids rolling around, free wheeling, in the neighbourhood. I am all for it if it gets them off the tech and outside and I seriously doubt this toy will raise all that much havoc anyway. At worst, maybe just a long trail of nerf darts to pick up...

The pedal car carries four weapons with foam ammo and is aimed at kids between the ages of 4 and 10 (parents, you're welcome to give it a go if you can fit). There are more than a few YouTube videos and even more blog reviews available online. I found this review helpful.

When we originally posted about the Nerf Battle Racer, we suspected that it might come down in price, but it's actually gone up! We will keep our eyes peeled for deals on this one, especially as it becomes available at other stores. Check-in with us in case there are more deals as we get closer to the holiday season.


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    LOL at this post. A $400 toy that's gone up in price, are you serious? 

    • Danielle V.