Where to Buy Speak Out Game in Canada 2016

Where to Buy Speak Out Game in Canada 2016

Being dubbed the "Pie Face of 2016", the hilarious Speak Out by Hasbro is all the rage and is sure to be the game everyone is playing come Christmas Day. But popularity can drive prices up and, of course, supply down so we wanted to find the best places to purchase Speak Out in Canada--and the best prices. We'll keep this article updated as we find it at more retailers so be sure to bookmark it now!

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If you haven't heard of Speak Out, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. Well, players have to try to say different phrases while wearing a mouthpiece that doesn't let them close their mouth. You draw a card from the deck and read the phrase as best you can while your teammates try to decipher what in the world you're saying! Imagine phrases like, "he's my stealthy pet ferret name Garrett", "slow down, you careless clown", or "pelicans love pollywog falafels."

Your team has to correctly guess the phrase in order to earn the card and the team with the most cards at the end of the game wins. The Speak Out game is a ton of fun for family and friends and includes 5 mouthpieces, 200 double-sided cards and a timer.

How much fun does that sound? Picture it with a bunch of friends and a bottle of wine! Will Speak Out be on your Christmas list this year?


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  • Ashley C.

    The inventor https://youtu.be/pWEwNa8pICg

    • Kaitlyn S.

      for those winter wine, I mean game, nights

      • Samantha C.

        I'll ask Santa for one!

        • megvbar

          Haha, exactly what I was thinking! ;)

        • Kim R.


          • Jean M.


            • Dany P.

              Ole sa serais le fun cette game

              • Tammy O.

                go into to toys r us stores canada..pre order it in store and save shipping! I did!

                • Mandy M.

                  I ordered 2 online through toys r us website... Free shipping over $49 :)

                • Brandy T.

                  we should play this at the Christmas party at work lol

                  • Amanda G.

                    Yeah like that would go over well... ha!

                    • Brandy T.

                      They are playing crib during breaks now lol

                      • Amanda G.


                      • Brooke L.

                        I want this!!!

                        • Noahsmum

                          sounds funny but how hygienic would it be for the mouthpiece?  

                          • megvbar

                            I'm hoping there are explicit instructions to clean them after use!! ;)

                          • hockeymama

                            I ordered two on Aliexpress on Sept 23, I live in Canada.  It says they have been shipped, it just takes quite awhile to get the order, so I have planned ahead for Christmas that's why I already ordered.  I have ordered from Aliexpress a few times with no issues.  I am going to check with my dentist, see what the cost of extra mouth pieces are.  There are different sizes so I want to be sure we can all play and have fun!  Right now they can be ordered from China or Hong Kong, size isn't stated. 

                            • Sasha123

                              It just became available at Walmart online!

                              • Kelly A.

                                I bought it off Amazon lol

                                • Kristy B.

                                  Ya that's the game I was looking for lol I want it lmao be funny when u have drinks lmao

                                  • lennypuz

                                    There is no way to add a coupon code on their site.

                                    • lennypuz

                                      Oh I figured it out! Thanks.

                                      • lennypuz

                                        Same price as everywhere else since you have the handling fee, so long as the other store offered free shipping. or store pickup.

                                        • charG

                                          How did you do it??

                                      • Natesherry B.

                                        Icant believe this is a game now haha awesome

                                        • Cayden K.

                                          :joy::joy::joy: we need this!!!

                                          • Duff M.

                                            Ten dollars off but then they have a handling fee and a shipping fee so it's cheaper to buy at the store !! :rage:

                                            • Lorraine B.

                                              we need this for Xmas ..... . ????

                                              • duchess989

                                                The game is just 5 mouthpieces, an hourglass plastic timer, and a stack of cards with words/phrases to guess what the person is saying. 

                                                I purchased 10 mouthpieces off ebay for ~$3.50. I'm just going to print some cards myself and use a timer from another board game. I also saw that amazon was selling the mouthpieces, but for about $11 for a 10-pack. Anywho, just a thought in case you can't find the game in-store and still want to play with the family over the holidays.

                                                • duchess989

                                                  Forgot to add that the game is very similar to "Watch Ya Mouth," so that is another option if "Speak Out" is sold-out. 

                                                • Andrea V.

                                                  Yes!!! I am totally getting this!! I can't wait to play this!!!! Lol