Where To Buy Connect 4 Blast In Canada 2021

Where NERF meets Connect 4!
Where To Buy Connect 4 Blast In Canada 2021

Connect 4 Blast is a modern take on that classic Connect 4 board game that we know and love. They've only gone and thrown in NERF to make it as crazy as it sounds... ideal for those family games nights, or for those NERF loving kids' birthdays. Make sure you get it for the best price in Canada, right here..

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Connect 4 Blast

Connect 4 Blast Connect is a fun game that is an expected merge of Nerf and a board game. Use the Nerf blaster to shoot the coloured discs out. If you manage to get four discs in a row out before your rival, then you'll win the game.

This game is for two players and comes with two colour coded Nerf blasters and eight colour coded Nerf foam darts, plus blue, red, and yellow discs.

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