When You Want To Bury Your Head In The Sand ... You NEED An Ostrich Pillow!

Escape all of life's woes...
When You Want To Bury Your Head In The Sand ... You NEED An Ostrich Pillow!

You know, those days when you're sat at your work desk and you just want to hide. Good news, now you can and you can do it in true ostrich style. We can't guarantee your boss won't be pissed, but you'll get a few moments to compose yourself. Do yourself a solid and get an Ostrich Pillow to ignore all of life's problems.

Ostrich Pillow

What is an Ostrich Pillow, or a desk pillow (as it's also known as)? It's an item that you put your head in for peace and comfort.

OstrichPillow.com sell the original design for $99USD, and also do some other versions too.

Pop your head in one to cocoon yourself away for the external strains of work or life in general. It's ideal for shutting out the office chatter, that's for sure.

These are genius and have been made so that you can have a cheeky snooze at your desk. Just place your head in with the hands tucked, for the ultimate power nap.

You aren't limited to just using it at work, I quite like the idea of shutting out the "I don't like it cries" from the kids at dinnertime.

What's the negatives? Well, you will look like some aquatic beast with it on, and it's not the cheapest, but apart from that it's all good.

If you're not will to spend all that on an Ostrich Pillow, then check out eBay* for some similar looking products for much less.

Always check out eBay sellers feedback before committing to purchasing.

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  • Jocelyn B.

    ..... I neeeeeed one! :joy::joy:

    • Krista S.

      . To fix Monday

      • Danielle S.

        bahahahaha!!! I could totally see u using this:laughing:

        • Kimberley R.

          lmao, that could fix a lot of things

          • Krista S.


            • Carolyn A.

              , don’t know why I thought of you??

              • Laura L.

                . Need.

                • Sarah J.

                  I agree!!!

                  • Darrell Z.

                    ya because your hair would be great when a customer comes in and you have to get out of it

                    • Elisabeth G.

                      lolll its gonna go well!! Happy to have you back so soon!! :grin:

                      • Cynthia S.

                        :grimacing:I’m still hoping for the winning numbers:joy:livinglavidaloco!

                        • Elisabeth G.

                          so am I! Lol

                          • Cynthia S.


                            • Elisabeth G.

                              see u in the am!!

                              • Cynthia S.

                                ... tuesday!

                                • Elisabeth G.

                                  ah! Well in 2 dodos then! Enjoy your last one!

                                  • Cynthia S.


                                    • Jennifer G.

                                      I feel like you’d like this at work

                                      • Quinn E.

                                        bahaha I have something very similar to this

                                        • Martina H.

                                          yesssss buddy. Let's both get one :joy: