What's in the Box Game for $20 @ Chapters

Think you're brave enough to play?
What's in the Box Game for $20 @ Chapters

By now, you've probably seen those clips where Jimmy Fallon makes guests on his show play a pretty wild game. They have to stick their hands in a mystery box and try to guess whatever item is inside. You know the one. He made Kim Kardashian touch a fake squirrel and crab legs without knowing what they were. Well, now you can recreate all that TV magic (and the gross-outs) in your own living room.

Among all the other board and card games they sell, Chapters has the What's in the Box Game on sale for $20, instead of the usual $29.95. It's actually pretty difficult to track down in Canada, and this was the best price I could find. And hey, practically $10 off a game that's basically $30 isn't too shabby!

Of course, you could always create your own setup by punching holes in a box, but this game does all the work for you. It has two armholes for you to reach inside, as well as a window that other people can use to see what exactly you're touching. Remember, you have to guess what it is by only using your sense of touch.

You could be mean and stick things like banana peels, whipped cream or anything else messy inside – or you could be nice and opt for plastic balls like the people in the ads. There are a few different ways to play, so you can modify the rules and objects based on players' ages and things like that.

And since you're already scouting out things at Chapters, you should probably know that their Holiday Sale is on now! Select items and entire product categories are up to 50% off. Orders over $25 ship free.

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