WestJet Vacations: With $400 Free Travel Credit!

WestJet Vacations: With $400 Free Travel Credit!


If you're one of those people who likes to plan ahead,  then in this case, it might pay you to do so! There's a special promo if you book your Westjet Vacation early.

There are quite a few terms and conditions associated with this deal. They're detailed on the website itself, I don't want to bore you by pasting them all in here! But the gist of it is that you book your vacation now, and you'll be rewarded with up to $400 travel credit, which can then be used on Westjet air travel within a year. I'll just paste in the important dates for future reference:

Valid for each WestJet Vacation air and hotel booking made between July 8 and September 30, 2009 for travel between November 1, 2009 and May 15, 2010. Blackout dates are from October 9-13, 2009; December 18, 2009-January 4, 2010 & April 2-9, 2010.

So if you're planning on a lovely sun vacation between those dates, you should definitely check out the prices on Westjet. If their prices are decent, then you might as well try and bag yourself $400 free travel credit thrown into the bargain.


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  • ildiko s.
    i booked my vacation to hawaii on 2nd august 2009 and i am going to be there 31st august 2009 .Am i eligible for this 400$ award? thank you ildiko seres p.s i am a regular customer westjetvacation
    • Anna
      Doesn't look like your travel falls into the set dates ildiko.
      • Linda G.
        I booked a West Jet vacation through Flight Centre 2009-10-24 Booking #509211 on behalf of daughter and husband and was told there was a $200 credit each. I have never received any info/details/expiry date/conditions of use, ect. I contacted Flight Centre and advised to contact West Jet. Would you kindly assist via email. Thank you.
        • Anna
          Hi Linda, we're just a blog who wrote about this offer... we're not connected to flight center or westjet in any way...
        • Carla
          I just want to mention that I also booked and flight with this travel deal and am now having problems getting into on how to redeem or claim the $400 credit. Has anyone out there used this successfully or know who I should talk to?