West Jet Canada: Blue Tag Thursdays with Huge Savings Every Week

West Jet Canada: Blue Tag Thursdays with Huge Savings Every Week

I got a really awesome West Jet deal this week and I thought I would share with you how I got it.  Every Thursday from 1-4pm MT West Jet has exclusive deals on flights and vacation packages.  They call this event Blue Tag Thursdays.  They do have other Blue tag events sometimes throughout the week but every Thursday they always have a sale.

The deals vary from week to week.  Sometimes they are for a specific destination or departure city, sometimes only within Canada, and sometimes just on vacation packages.  I fly at least one time a year to visit family in Ontario and it can be quite pricey.  The only time I buy my families tickets is on a Blue Tag Thursday.  I have been looking for a couple of months now for flights every Thursday but none of the deals fit my criteria.  This past Thursday I finally got my tickets and saved a bundle!

We are a family of 4 (my youngest is free because he is under the age of 2) so we needed 3 tickets.  When we flew round trip from Calgary to Ontario the last time, our 3 tickets cost us $2000.00 everything included. That is about $660 a ticket with everything included. This time our 3 tickets cost us just over $800 everything included using the Blue Tag Thursday deal plus our West Jet Credit Card.  That is a savings of almost $1200. We rarely use our West Jet Credit card (in fact we only use it for flights and that was just a few times) and the points from flying each year added up to the cost of 1 ticket for free.  The Credit Card has an annual fee so unless you fly a couple of times a year I would not suggest it but if you fly more than that it is worth it.

Lastly West Jet often has coupon codes that you can use towards flights including these Blue Tag deals.  I wasn't lucky enough to have a coupon code that met the city's destination flight that I needed but you might be luckier.  Check out the bargainmoose coupon forum often for great coupon codes to use.

Happy travels!


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