Wendy’s Canada – Free Coupons And More Discounts!

Join the Wendys Canada email newsletters and within a week or so, they’ll email you a free coupon for a $1 discount which you can use at one of your local Wendy’s restaurants. I joined recently and my coupon came through today – it’s a printable one, and it’s unique so I cannot share the actual coupon here – you must join up yourself.

How about putting that discount towards a nice bacon mushroom melt… yum! I know that $1 off isn’t very much… but better than nothing!

Hopefully there will be more Wendy coupons in the future, and they might even be bigger and better than a measly dollar – here’s hoping!

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  • Peter l.
    Why do you only serve dry precooked burgers in Alberta restaurant 6879 12/01/21 13:26:50

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