Gluten-Free Snacks from $3.64 @

So gimme ALL the pretzel twists!
Gluten-Free Snacks from $3.64 @

I stopped eating gluten last June for health reasons, and I quickly learned that gluten-free bakery products are expensive. Just a loaf of bread costs me at least double what I used to pay, and don't even get me started on those cauliflower pizza crusts. Still, I buy them, because I just can't give up all these carbs.

I've started to rely on a few specific brands, and Glutino is definitely among them, especially when I'm looking for snacks. And right now, Glutino is on sale at! Normally, I wouldn't tell you about a sale where things are only 15% off, but gluten-free pantry staples so rarely go on sale, that this is cause for celebration.

Obviously, not all Glutino products are included. A lot of what they (and many other gluten-free brands) make are frozen goods, and those won't exactly transport well in the mail. However, there are still crackers, pretzels and all kinds of cookies – like these Chocolate Chip Cookies I love – marked as low as $3.64.

Speaking of cookies, I've tried almost all the ones they make and has on sale, but I have mixed feelings about these Lemon Wafers. I absolutely love lemon and consider it to be one of my favourite fruits. Lemon cake is my all-time favourite (and I have yet to find a gluten-free bakery that makes one). But these are too strong, even for me. If you like lemon, I'd definitely try them out for yourself, while they're just $5.34.

Of course, I can't tell you about this sale without mentioning the Pretzel Twists I try to take on every single flight as a little snack. They're now $8.74 from $10.29 and will ship for free as part of a $35 order.

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