Well.ca Warehouse Sale: Up to 75% Off, FS on $29+ & Coupons for new Customers!

Well.ca Warehouse Sale: Up to 75% Off, FS on $29+ & Coupons for new Customers!


Most of the Moosers here on Bargainmoose are familiar with Well.ca, the online store from which you can purchase a plethora of items; everything from supplements to video games! Well, we’ve just got word that they’re having a “warehouse sale,” offering up to 75% off many items, an event which I don’t think they’ve had before!

In the Well.ca warehouse sale, there are over a thousand items on offer, from cosmetics to candy. In terms of pricing, the lowest cost item in the sale is this Madegood Chia & Berries Organic Fruit & Nut Bar for $0.50 (down from $2.29). That actually sounds delicious. You know in working it out, that’s a 78% discount, so it appears that some items are actually slightly higher than the 75% that Well.ca are advertising.

Deal Ideas

Let me highlight a few of the items currently on offer in the Well.ca warehouse sale:

That’s just a random selection of their more popular items. Have a browse yourself!

Free Shipping

Most of you are aware that Well.ca offer free shipping on orders of $29 or more. This is a fairly low threshold for free shipping. If you’re placing an order below that level, I’d recommend popping a few things in your cart that you can pop in your stockpile for use in the future, such as detergent or toiletries. Bring your order up to $29 to make sure you get free shipping.

Coupons: Get $11 off $40+

Those of you who are new customers @ Well.ca will want to take advantage of Well.ca coupons. We’ve got an exclusive coupon code just now (BARGAINMOOSESAVINGS) which gets you $11 discount on a $40 spend. This will get you free shipping too, as your order is over the minimum threshold anyway.

(Warehouse sale expires 7th June 2015)


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