Well.ca Specials Of The Week

Well.ca Specials Of The Week


This week, all the weekly deals from Well.ca are related to ...

I am usually able to figure out the theme, but I cannot do so this week! Do you have any idea what theme connects all these products which are on special offer?

Oh wait... it's just clicked... they are all Father's Day gift ideas!

I wouldn't give mine a pedometer, but I would give Ferraro Rocher! Wait... no... I'd only eat them myself.


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  • Avigayil
    Different gift ideas for Dad? Pedometer for the busy Dad.. or needs to get busy Dad... Gillette and Dove Men is self explanatory, Ferrero Rocher for the chocolate loving Dad.. Lotion with the SPF for the nature loving Dad, Shaving cream self explanatory, Outdoor survival kit again for the nature loving Dad.. and Cologne.. for Dad! :-)