Well.ca: Healthy Home Bundle Only $20

Well.ca: Healthy Home Bundle Only $20


Well.ca has a fantastic deal on a cleaning bundle for your home right now. The bundle is only $19.99 ($20.49 for some provinces) and if you bought it separate, you would pay $37.15, saving yourself over $17 by buying the bundle.

You will get a lot of fun goodies in this bundle. OK, maybe they aren't fun, but they are probably necessities. In this bundle you get:

  • Finish Quantum dishwasher tabs (20 tabs)
  • Air Wick Flip & Fresh
  • Lysol no touch hand soap dispenser
  • Lysol no touch hand soap refill
  • Finish Jet Dry rinse agent

The bundle seems like it is geared to washing your washing your dishes and your hands. I use Finish tabs in my dishwasher daily, sometimes twice daily. I didn't always use them and used to use the tabs that are liquid inside a plastic pouch. This was until my dishwasher malfunctioned because those little pouches don't always melt. The dishwasher technician suggested Finish tabs and I haven't had any trouble since. These tabs are not cheap to buy and Walmart sells them for over $7 for the 20 tabs.

The other item in this bundle that greatly interests me is the no touch hand dispenser. My kids need to wash their hands 20 times a day and if their hands are already dirty, you can guess that whatever is all over their hands will end up on the soap bottle. When I go to wash my hands, they get dirty just putting the soap on. This no touch unit makes so much sense. Again at Walmart, the dispenser and soap together sell for $15. So, just this plus the dishwasher tabs are worth getting this bundle for. The air freshener and rinse agent are almost a bonus.

Well.ca ships for free on a $25 spend, so it would be worth your while to see whatever sales are on so you can spend another $5 and get your order shipped free.

(Expiry: 15th June 2014)


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