Well.ca: 25% Off Tide

Well.ca: 25% Off Tide

Jodie mentioned a couple days ago that Well.ca was having a sale on cleaning products, well they are also offering 25% off off Tide products.

My hubby has an odd love affair with Tide, as I write this there are 6 large bottles of tide in our storage room. He likes to stock up. He tends to gravitate towards Tide with Febreze, which Well.ca has on sale for $8.24, reg. $10.99. I was using Tide 2x Cold Water (was $14.99 | Now $11.24) but since switched to an unscented hypoallergenic as I have sensitive skin. I do like the 2x formulas because you are getting a more concentrated formula which I think is better: no need to pay for water added to your soap!

Enjoy free shipping on any order.

Expiry: 22nd, January 2012


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  • joy
    Sorry but those "sale" prices are still very high! What they have on sale for $11.24 I can get for $7 at Walmart. Plus Walmart takes coupons!
    • Avigayil
      True, Walmart often beats other people's prices.. but some people boycott Walmart because of their impact on communities, small businesses, the economy and the environment. Other companies like Well.ca offer alternatives. Though most other companies that sell products that Walmart sells will have a hard time beating their prices, there are other benefits people derive from supporting smaller, and canadian, businesses.
      • joy
        I was just using Walmart as an example. Our local grocery store- Canadian owned- also sells it for much less than this sale. My point was to shop around because a sale isn't always the best deal. There are pros and cons with environment, economy, etc with each decision we make.