Well.ca: 25% off OFF! Insect Repellent

Well.ca: 25% off OFF! Insect Repellent


Well.ca is offering 25% off their stock of OFF! insect repellent in time for summer BBQs and camping trips.

I know several people who not only do not like insect bites, but also have an allergic reaction to many of them. The bitten area will swell up quite large and turn really red. Prevention becomes the best method. However, I hate the smell of OFF! with a passion, due to far too many camping trips as a child were we were sprayed up and let loose, I still would prefer it over getting bitten. I have a bite on my leg right now that is driving me insane that I can barely stop from scratching.

OFF! Active Pump Spray Insect Repellent was the classic in our household. It is an inexpensive bottle that was $9.99 and is now $7.48. Well.ca is usually not that competitive with the big box stores in terms of pricing, but I found this same product on Walmart for $7.97. It contains25% Deet to deter not only mosquitoes, but also black flies, stable flies, ticks, chiggers, biting midges, and deer flies for up to eight hours. It is most certainly non-greasy. They claim it will not stain, but I would be careful around certain fabrics like silk that do not handle chemicals all too well.

If I was just in the back yard for a BBQ, I really wouldn't want to spray myself up with OFF!. Rather, I could just use this OFF! PowerPad Lanternthat was $20.99 and is now $15.74 to keep the bugs away from a 4.5m area. This lantern will kill mosquitoes for up to four hours and is both relight-able and refillable. The OFF! PowerPad Lamp Refills (3 pack) are on sale from $11.49 down to $8.62. Walmart.ca has the lantern for $17.63 and the refills for $10.67, so Well.ca is beating their prices. I think it is much more comfortable to have a lamp keeping those annoying bugs away when you are spending your time in close quarters. This would also work well for camp base when it just hits dusk. Less bug bites means a more enjoyable summer!

These products are selling out quick: I guess many people are stocking up for the Canada Day long weekend.

Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more. There are so many other great sales going that there should be no problem meeting that minimum.

(Expiry: 29th June 2014)


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