Well.ca: 20% Off Select Halloween Supplies & Costumes

Well.ca: 20% Off Select Halloween Supplies & Costumes


Well.ca is offering 20% off select Halloween supplies and costumes this weekend.

The sale excludes baby and pet costumes.

Want to do a little interior decorating? Pick up this Halloween Door Cover - Dripping Blood Gore for only $5.58, originally $6.98. You could also pick up a pack of Danson Bloody Severed Fingers to leave laying around to frighten squeamish kids. Originally $5.18, they are now $4.14. This Skeleton Hand Print Wall Grabber would also be a cool idea. I would love to see them climbing up a wall onto the ceiling (now $5.18 | Now $6.48).

hhhhfgIf you are looking for costumes, they do have a bunch of them on sale. I like the Monster High's Frankie Stein Child Costumethat was $31.99 and is now $25.59. I like how Monster High does not treat girls as 'unicorn and rainbows' sort of gals and appreciates that girls can like a bit of horror too.

Enjoy free shipping on all orders of $25+

(Expiry: 29th September 2013)

Oh, you've found my pot of gold!


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