Well.ca: 20% Off Everlast Products

Well.ca: 20% Off Everlast Products

I have been talking to a few people this year (like my massage therapist) and the popular theme seems to be weight loss resolutions! I know how they feel, I have the same one! Well.ca is offering 20% off Everlast Products. Everlast makes a line of fitness equipment for in your home, perfect to work off that Christmas turkey tummy.

I am actually really stoked about this sale because they have a product I have wanted to try for ages. It is the Everlast Chin & Sit-Up Bar for $19.99 (Reg. $24.99) and it mounts really easily inside your doorframe. You can use it for all sorts off things! I can't do a 'proper' push-up... even girl style because of the way my feet are built. However, a trainer once taught me to use a bar about waist hight and do my push-ups at an angle off of that. So this bar is going on my shopping list right away!

The other reason I am really happy about this is because Well.ca offers free shipping. Other places that don't offer free shipping will charge around $20 to ship this bar because it is made solid (thus a bit on the heavy side). It holds up to 300 lbs!

I'm also tempted to get a Fitness Ball. They have all different sizes to accommodate different heights but they are very good for your body and improve balance.

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