Well.ca: 15% Off Natural Gift Sets

Well.ca: 15% Off Natural Gift Sets


Well.ca is offering 15% off natural gift sets for all your natural friends out there.

So 'all natural' is not the hugest thing in the world right now but it is gaining speed. Some people just like the idea of knowing what the heck is in their products, and other are actually allergic to the stuff put in regular products. I totally fall in the later camp and I can tell you it is a real pain in the skin to be gifted such a pretty bubble bath set or body lotion set only to know the second it comes in contact with my skin I will turn into a red version of Marvin the Martian... with bumps. If there is a 'me' on your gift list then these natural gift sets are wonderful gift ideas.

There are some great Christmas themed items too. This Hugo Naturals Christmas Tree Cranberry Pomegranate Soap 6pack was $39.98 and is now $33.98. That may seem like a lot for soap, but really it works out to only $5.67 per bar which is fairly reasonable for all natural soap. I think it looks absolutely beautiful.

This Badger Balm Cheerful Mind Balm Gift Cube comes nicely packaged and would make a lovely and affordable gift. originally $15 it is now on sale for $12.75. It is both all natural and certified organic.

You will be able to get free shipping on orders of $25 or more. Additionally, make sure to visit the forum for Well.ca coupon codes you might be able to use with it as well.

(Expiry: 17th November 2013)


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