Watch E.T. In Theatres For $3 @ Cineplex

Watch E.T. In Theatres For $3 @ Cineplex

Do you remember watching the classic E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial when you were a kid? This Family-Favourites movie is available to watch at all Cineplex theatres this Saturday, June 25th for just $2.99.

This is a fabulous way to introduce this classic movie to the kids, and it is an inexpensive way to get them out of the house in an air-conditioned environment. The Cineplex Family Favourites play on Saturday mornings at 11 AM, so don't miss it!

Steven Spielberg is even in this film! Cool - eh? If you haven't watched the E.T. movie yet, then you are really missing something cool. You will follow the touching story of a little alien who is lost and becomes best friends with a 10-year-old boy named Elliot. You will get to watch them adventure together while trying to get E.T. back home.

You'll only pay $2.99 per admission to see this movie, and you'll even earn Scene points!

(Expiry: 25th June 2016)


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    correction: apparently very few theatres (not all theatres)