Waste-Free Lunches with Drink in the Box & Snack in the Box @ West Coast Kids

Waste-Free Lunches with Drink in the Box & Snack in the Box @ West Coast Kids

I like to think I'm environmentally conscious and have been since my grade six class was forced to sort our school's garbage! School lunches can create a lot of waste but what if they didn't have to? And what if you could save some money while saving waste? Well, West Coast Kids has Drink in the Box and Snack in the Box containers on sale this week.

Drink in the Box containers are made of super durable and long lasting Tritan (like your favourite sports water bottles) and they're designed to replace Tetra Paks and other disposable juice boxes. They're safe--BPA, BPS and Phthalate-free--so there's no worry about nasty plastic coming into contact with your child's drink. They're easy to open but have spill-proof lids, saving messes, and fit neatly into most lunchboxes. Now, you can send kiddo off to school with fruit-infused water or some other healthy beverage with the convenience of a drinking box! They're available in two sizes: 8 oz. and 12. oz and 4 different colours. The 8 oz. is on sale for $10.49 and the larger size is $12.59.

The Snack in the Box is made of the same rugged material and allows you to pack healthy snacks while protecting them from being crushed and mushed in the backpack. It has a neat dual chamber design so you can pack 2 different snacks in the same container--save those plastic baggies! It also comes in 4 colours and is on sale for $10.49.

West Coast Kids offers free shipping on orders of $49 or more, otherwise, shipping depends upon your order contents and location.


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  • Marie-Josée T.

    ....as-tu vu cela? Je sais que tu as la boîte de jus...

    • Melanie M.

      J'adore la boîte a jus! J'ai vu ceci a growing up green a NB. I don't find these to be practical because you have poor it into your hand to be able to get your snack...

      • Marie-Josée T.

        C'est vrai...ça fait du sens!

      • Diane M.

        , this might be what you are looking for.....