Warby Parker: All Glasses $120 Including Lenses + Buy a Pair, Give a Pair

Warby Parker: All Glasses $120 Including Lenses + Buy a Pair, Give a Pair

Warby Parker is an interesting company you must know about! They don't have sales: because all their glasses and sunglasses are a set price. You will pay only $120 for either non-prescription sunglasses with polarized lenses or glasses including the prescription lenses. The price goes up to $185 if you want prescription sunglasses with polarized lenses.

Warby believes that designer glasses shouldn't cost you as much as an iPhone, and they are setting a sweet trend in the market.

The other really important think Warby Parker does is charity. When you buy a pair of glasses, they give a pair to someone in need. So no matter whether you buy these sexy Tenley Midnight Blue sunglasses, or these Felton striped glasses, someone else in need gets a pair of glasses too.

This is a crazy business model. My parents both wear glasses (my husband too) and they spend astronomical amounts of money on them whenever their prescription changes. Imagine spending only $120 for any style of glasses with any prescription lens. I am emailing this deal to my parents presto - it is ridiculous to spend what they do on glasses.

A few notes: Warby Parker is out of the US, however, the above prices are all in Canadian and include duty/customs. Shipping is a flat rate of only $10.

Another cool note: Warby Parker was featured on Tech Crunch, and it is a fabulous article you just have to read. They talk about how and why they do what they do. I  admire these guys immensely, check out this quote:

As lifelong eyeglass wearers, Gilboa tells Dixon the group couldn’t understand why “glasses cost more than an iPhone.” After doing some research they realized “there’s a handful of companies that control the entire supply chain.” Not content to roll with the status quo, Gilboa says the team set out to change the landscape by creating “our own brand of glasses …. so we could sell the same product that normally costs $500 for $95 ($120 CAN).”

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  • john
    I've heard of Warby Parker but haven't used it yet. I've used clearly contacts and benefited from clearly contacts free glasses giveaways (pay only for shipping and for any lens thinning). But I like WP and the fact that they design their frames in-house. Clearly contacts sell brand names. Thank you technology for making glasses affordable! No more $500-1000 glasses! even if you have a strong prescription).