Walmart Canada: RCA Microwave Was $54 | Now $42 (FS to CP) (EXPIRED)

Walmart Canada: RCA Microwave Was $54 | Now $42 (FS to CP) (EXPIRED)


Walmart Canada has discounted the RCA 0.7 cubic foot counter-top microwave from $54 down to $42 with free shipping to your local Canada Post location. This is the cheapest microwave I can find at local Canadian retailers: it is perfect for back to school purchases for the dorm or as a new microwave for the home. You get to choose from two different colours.

Finding this exact model for price comparing was not easy but I did find it at London Drugs Canada priced at $69.99. I also found them at the US There they cost $49.88 USD each, which is already over the price at Walmart Canada even before we convert currencies. Elsewhere, The 0.9 version starts at $79.99 at Costco.

Just comparing price without regards to brand... the cheapest microwave at costs $58 for a 0.7 Cu. Ft. Danby. The cheapest microwave at Best Buy Canada still costs $49.99 for a Haier 0.7 Cu. Ft. that has fairly low ratings.

These RCA microwaves from Walmart Canada have fantastic ratings with 4/5 stars (though very few reviews). They appear to be dependable and certainly affordable compared to other microwaves on the market. $50 seems to be the magic number where even the lowest sale on microwaves rarely breaks. Now, you get to pay just $42.

These microwaves are fantastic for the dorm room if your dorm does not come with one built in. Usually, students do not do a lot of cooking so the microwave doubles as their stove top and oven all in one. If your child is rooming with others in a shared house, then they may appreciate having a microwave in their bedroom for when there is a rush on the kitchen.

This is a small, compact microwave that will also work well in small kitchens like the standard galley kitchen in a small apartment or house. Sometimes you do not have the counter space so picking up a smaller unit helps you better manage what counter space you do have. I have so many appliances myself, that I have never had room for a microwave.

This RCA microwave ships free to your local Canada Post location. If you want it to ship to your home, find a few dollars’ worth of filler items.

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