Walmart Canada: Philips Home Office Surge Protector Only $15 (50% Off)

Walmart Canada: Philips Home Office Surge Protector Only $15 (50% Off)


Too many plugs, not enough outlets? Walmart has a very inexpensive solution for you. Get 50% off the Philips home office surge protector with six outlets. You'll get it for only $15, with a regular price of $29.98 and it will ship for free too.

I really need this. I really, really need this. First of all, my monitor doesn't shut off as the switch is broken (so I also need a new monitor). With my home office in my bedroom, I have to unplug the monitor every night so that the blue flashing screen saver doesn't make me insane while I'm trying to sleep. Also, because my office is in my bedroom, I have to make sure to shut down my laptop each night so that someone doesn't send me a Skype message at 2am and wake me up. On top of that, I have two laptops, the monitor and a lamp that all need to be plugged into two outlets. This all just doesn't work. This very inexpensive outlet will save me so much work and pain, as I can just shut off one button easily.

The surge protector advertisement from Walmart tells you that you can save money with this item. First, you'll save money by not frying all of your electronics in the case of a lightning strike or some other hazard hitting your home. There is a $250,000 connected equipment warranty that can also protect your phone and DSL systems too. Secondly, it saves you money by stopping the phantom power usage. This means that just by having items plugged in, they suck power, and you pay for that power. With the surge protector, no power is being used. If you do have an item that always needs to be plugged in (your clock for example), there is one outlet on there can always be left on. That is super handy.

The power cord is six foot, so you don't even need to situate yourself close to an outlet with this item. I'm going to assume this might sell out quickly, so don't wait until the end of the day to decide you want one.

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