Walmart Canada: Monster Ncredible Headphones Only $99

Walmart Canada: Monster Ncredible Headphones Only $99


Walmart Canada has the Monster Ncredible Ntune headphones on for only $99.95. I price compared and all the other stores had them for $120 or more.

I love how things always come back around. When I was a kid, this size of headphones was the norm. Then, technology took over to give us the smallest headphones possible. But, kids these days are kicking it old school with the giant headphones again. I'm sure they do provide superior sound to the teeny ones I use for my iPod.

Reviewers stated these are great headphones for the money, although they truly aren't sound cancelling (so you'll still be able to hear your mother calling you for dinner). But, if you wanted true sound-cancelling headphones, you'll need to pay three times the price.

You can get these in red, black, blue or white and it doesn't look like there are many options to get these in-stores. Shipping is free, so why not do that?

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