Walmart Canada: Maxx Scoop 14 KG Cat Litter $12.98

Walmart Canada: Maxx Scoop 14 KG Cat Litter $12.98


Walmart Canada has rolled back prices on Maxx Scoop 14KG containers of cat litter. Originally $15.98, the cat litter price has been reduced to $12.97. There are two varieties available.

I price compared with good ol' Petsmart, which tends to be my go to place for cat litter. These 14KG (30.9 LB) containers of cat litter cost $17.49 from Petsmart Canada. So, you may only be saving a couple dollars off of Walmart's usual price, but if you usually shop at Petsmart you are saving $4.50 off their usual price.

Litter is one of the biggest expenses of owning a cat, so discounts like this are very helpful. I'm not sure about your feline, but some cats are super picky about the type of litter that they do their business in. We use MAXX Scoop mainly, though I have tried other brands, and our cat seems most happy with this brand. It also seems to do a really good job of controlling odour. I just find it doesn't last nearly as long as I wish it would.

With Walmart you get free shipping on every order, even heavy boxes of litter.

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