WalMart Canada: LEGO Creative Tower Set (1600 Pieces)| $110 Value Now $40 (EXPIRED)

WalMart Canada: LEGO Creative Tower Set (1600 Pieces)| $110 Value Now $40 (EXPIRED)


Oh hey there, my fellow Bargainmoosers! WalMart currently has an awesome deal for a LEGO Creative Tower Set (10664), and it’s one that you should definitely keep your eye on. At this time, you can buy this hard-to-find LEGO set for only $40! This LEGO Creative Tower Set normally sells for  $110.01 on Amazon (and that's for a Japanese import), so you’ll be saving plenty of your hard-earned cash on the regular price! Best of all, you’ll also get free shipping! This set is very tough to find here in Canada, and you'll usually have to resort to Ebay to purchase it (and it'll still end up costing you about $112.72 plus $64.12 shipping). Get this deal now before it's gone, folks!

This LEGO Creative Tower Set has 1600 pieces in total - that's a lot of LEGO for a cheap price! You can build anything you want to with this set - the choice is yours!

When you want to show someone that's close to you that you care enough about them to get a present, it can really make them happy. Sometimes, it's really a great feeling to be considered during this festive time of the year. When you can provide a thoughtful gift to a family member or a friend while saving some of your hard-earned cash, your kind gesture will be that much easier for you to do. This LEGO Creative Tower Set is a great example of a product that can easily be turned into a thoughtful gift - after all, you'll be getting it for only $40!

This deal won't be around for long, people! Since LEGO sets are so popular, I wouldn't be surprised if this LEGO Creative Tower Set was sold out soon after this article is posted here on Bargainmoose. If you love LEGO, then you need to get this deal. I hope you all enjoy your day today!

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  • Anna W.
    Excellent deal... this is what Santa brought to my house last Christmas!
    • Susan
      Thanks! I just ordered one to save for later as my son is 2.5. On the Canada website, a 600 piece set is $40, so getting 1600 pieces for $40 is definitely a great deal!
      • Ivan C.
        My brother literally just bought the 600 piece set at The Lego Store this past weekend for $40 as well - this WalMart deal is a hot one!
        • Ramona
          THANK YOU! I just ordered two!
          • Jess
            I just wish the duplo one wasn't out of stock! That would have made my 2 year olds day...
            • grace
              It's will also be sold in-store for their black friday event
              • Sue
                Forwarded to friends and already out of stock online. BUT, our local stores are saying in stock for the same price, can anyone confirm?
                • Danielle
                  We found it at our local store last night for the same price. But a friend in a neighboring town went to her store, and they said they had it but weren't putting it out for sale until Friday. So I think it just depends on the individual store.
                  • Ardis
                    This deal is in the flyer, call your local stores to see if it's still available, as far as the stores around me, all sold out. Which is NOT COOL, considering it's being advertised for black Friday...I'm confused and would be very upset except that I called around and scored a couple, but still, anyone going to purchase Lego because of their black Friday flyer is going to be sorely disappointed tomorrow. Is this legal?