Walmart Canada: Kid's Hoodies Only $3

Walmart Canada: Kid's Hoodies Only $3


I came across a really great deal at Walmart, with both boy's and girl's hoodies being only $3!

I've blogged many times about my escapades in the lost and found bin at my children's school. The #1 item that I see in this bin is hoodies. I can see why because when a kid gets hot, they take off the hoodie, then forget they had it. In the bin it goes because it probably wasn't labelled as mom and dad wouldn't consider it outerwear. I do mostly try to label my hoodies, but I can see how it gets missed. So, why pay a ton of money for hoodies that might inevitably end up in a bin, sad and confused without an owner. I'd like to pay $3 so I already put my order in for this sale and bought 10 hoodies for only $30 total plus free shipping!

There are a number of great styles and many sizes available. I'm not going to protest to the quality of these hoodies, but for $3, how much do you care? If it lasts a month, you are golden. I do like quite a few of the patterns, and this is also great for shopping up and buying your child clothes for the next few years. The girl ones are especially cute. There are also long sleeved tops for only $5.

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