WalMart Canada: Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller (Pink) | Was $90 Now $60

WalMart Canada: Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller (Pink) | Was $90 Now $60

Jeep Stroller

There is limited stock available, so you should check out this deal while it's still available! At this time, WalMart is having a clearance sale on their Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller (Pink) - it typically costs $89.99, but you can now get it for just $60! Best of all, you'll also get free shipping with your order! As I mentioned before, limited quantities are available for this model, so if you need a stroller, get this while you can!

This is one cool looking stroller! The Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller (Pink) is an all-terrain stroller that you can easily fold up with one hand. You can learn more about this stroller by clicking on the link above.

Now that it's close to Christmas time, it gets to be a challenge when you're trying to think about the perfect gift. However, if you have any family members or friends that need a new stroller, this could be a fantastic gift for them! After all, it's got a reputable name that's known worldwide, and it's an all-terrain stroller - it can do it all!

I have a friend that has a child that just seems to be growing so quickly! If she didn't already show me the stroller that she got during her baby shower, I would have considered picking up this Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller.

If you wanted to buy this Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller from Amazon's American website, it would cost you $66.49 US (plus shipping). I've included a snippet of a review of this stroller from a satisfied Amazon customer below:

After owning it for two weeks, and navigating it through several airports, I am very happy with this stroller. I did a lot of research before purchasing it.

Happy hunting, Bargainmoosers!

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